More About me


I’m a independent artist who lives in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil. All my knowledge in art so far came from self learning, although i wish to do an art college someday. One of my biggest dreams is to work as a conceptual artist on games/animations.

Always seeking for improving my skills, haven’t worked on something big yet, but everyone has a beggining, and i hope this is mine.

Why i choose Pantomime as a nickname? It’s a silent artistic expression, just like painting. You can transmit some idea without saying anything. I like the silence, it clears the mind and help on the creating process.  Despite enjoying the silence, Pantomime is the title of a music from Incubus, that is awesome.

Not much ago, i’ve discovered the iPad as a tool, it’s realy great and keeps surprising me. I use a nomad brush, an boxwave stylus and hoping to get a wacom stylus soon. Most of my work is done on an app called SkecthClub, wich is amazing. For traditional paintings i have been knife painting with oil/acrilic on canvas.

If you wish to buy some of my artwork you can go to my Fineart profile. 🙂

Some of My work printed (actualy this is my bedroom wall).

Some of My work printed .


2 Responses to More About me

  1. oh, wow!!! this all looks so cool. greatings from your friend Zeno

  2. Dalida says:

    Beautiful, Pantomime…love your page!
    Hope you are doing fine,
    Big hug
    Da 🙂

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